Holika Dahan 2016 Quotes

Holika Dahan is a part of holi festival. This is the first day of this colorful festival. On this day people burn fire at night and they do pooja. Because holika who was the evil sister got burned on this day and which signifies victory over bad.

So people sit around bonfire and they sing, dance, celebrate and they play lots of games with their family members. As this festival of colors and love is known to be as every ones best and favorite festival. People share best holi images, wallpapers, pics, quotes with their loved ones, friends, family members and relatives.

This is the best time to get relief from busy schedule and to give full time to our dear ones. Friends make a program of celebrating this festival. That is why this is the best ever fest celebrated by hindu religions bit now it has spread to many other parts of the country.

Here in this article we will tell you more about holika dahan like how it is celebrated and what is the reason behind this celebrations.

Also you will see holika dahan ecards, holika dahan messages in english, holika dahan story in english, holika dahan hindi sms etc in this article.

So i hope you are here with patience and we will provide you sweet holika dahan 2016 quotes in english, hindi and gujarati language. So are you guys ready to check out?


Holi mann bhedoo ko mitaane ka saar hai,.
Holi dushmanoo ko hi gale lagaane ka acha tyohaar hai,.
Holi naa khele jo Wo manhoos,.
Unki jeevan mein haar hi haar hai. Holika Dahan Hindi Quotes.


Holi tyohaar hai Rang aur Bhaang ka,.
Hum sab Ache yaaron ka .
Ghar mein aaye mehmaano ka.
Gali mein hi gali waalon ka .
Mohalle mein maahol waalo ka.
Desh me deshwaalo ka.
Bura naa maano Holi hai Holi hai bhai behen Holi hai!. Holika Dahan Hindi Messages.


Allah Paak humaare mulak aur mulak waaloon ko Holi bahut bahut mubaarak kare. Humaraa mulak bahut tarraki kare aur duniya ki bulandiyoon ko chooye. Holika Dahan Wishes in Hindi

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